The Ladies of POL

POL at the 2018 Posi Music Festival and Awards

Photo taken by: Faith Rivera
Left to Right: Babylyne Isa, Vicky Andam, Cerise Patron and Heather Dubois


Point of Light is a quartet of BFF heart-ists, who simply LOVE to sing. POL is Heather Dubois, Cerise Patron, Vicky Andam and Babylyne Isa. The diversity of their musical styles, aptitudes and backgrounds is part of what makes their sound so unique. They are well-known for their multi-part acapella harmonies that can melt you in just a few measures of love.

Vicky Andam

Vicky (Soprano) sang and performed with the Sweet Adeline’s Hawaii Chapter of women’s barbershop singers, was in the University of Hawaii Manoa Campus choir and is a founding member of the One Voice of Love Choir and also choir director assistant for the All For Love Youth Choir at Creative Living Fellowship in Phoenix, AZ.

When and how did you start or know that you loved singing and music?

In grade school I had an awesome music teacher, Mrs. Balicanta, who helped inspire me and spark my love for music and singing.

Who or what influenced you or influences you musically?

Broadway and musicals are a huge influence.  Listening to country music with my dad was also a great influence on me as well.  All music moves me, really.

What do you like or love about being in POL?

We make beautiful harmonies together.  We encourage one another to be our best.  We support one another in all ways.

Heather Dubois

Heather (First Soprano) is a New Thought singer/songwriter/arranger who is classically trained in vocal performance and has been a member of many singing groups including the Phoenix Symphony Chorus, the Utah State University Chorale and the UTSA Chamber Singers. She has been a recipient of the Ford Scholarship Award for Excellence in Music and has won three National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) competitions. She is a founding member and the choir director for both the One Voice of Love Choir and the All For Love Youth Choir at Creative Living Fellowship in Phoenix, AZ.

When and how did you start or know that you loved singing and music?

Music started for me as soon as I can remember. Singing with my dad to Air Supply, and beautiful classical music soaring while we did Saturday chores. My sister dancing around our room wailing Broadway tunes, and movie soundtracks bring back the best memories of my childhood. Joining choir my sophomore year in high school started a realization of real talent, and a love of singing that quickly became my main passion. By my senior year my path for the rest of my life was clear.

Who or what influenced you or influences you musically?

Broadway, Hymns, Lea Salonga, acapella groups, and strong challenging harmonies are my inspirations.

What do you like or love about being in POL?

I love arranging and re-creating music in 4 and 5 part harmonies. But mostly, I love being with this beautiful group of women, and that each in their own unique voice and spirit create the beautiful harmonies, loving energies, and the absolute most fun and loving part of my life.


Cerise Patron

Cerise (Alto) is a New Thought singer/songwriter who recently received an Honorable Mention at the 7th Annual Posi Awards for her original song “If Not Me”. Before Point of Light and even before her New Thought solo career, Cerise sang with her grandmother in many churches across the U.S. Cerise has collaborated with many New Thought artists and musicians in concert and songwriting. She is also a founding member and former choir director of the One Voice of Love Choir at Creative Living Fellowship in Phoenix, AZ.

When and how did you start or know that you loved singing and music?

I started singing when I was a few years old with my grandma and got hooked. I started singing music in her LDS church and then sang in Pentecostal churches as a teenager and started singing and writing New Thought/Positive music after I found Religious Science when I was 22 years old.

Who or what influenced you or influences you musically?

Most of my main musical influences were in the Pentecostal and Non-Denominational churches in South Carolina through my teen years. The music just spoke to me in a way it never had before!

What do you like or love about being in POL?

I love being part of a sisterhood/family that really cares about each other, the world and creating positive change. We truly are connected to each other and to Source!

Babylyne Isa

Babylyne (Tenor/Alto) is a singer/songwriter/musician who is a founding member of the very first Honolulu Women’s Chorus in Hawaii. She plays the ukulele both “acoustic” and electric. Babylyne is also a founding member and right hand woman to the Director of the One Voice of Love Choir at Creative Living Fellowship in Phoenix, AZ. “Baby” wrote and recorded the “Prayer Rap” for the recently released single by the group, The JaJa’s, called “I Am a Ray of Hope”.

When and how did you start or know that you loved singing and music?

The earliest musical influence on me would be my mom. She was always singing or humming something while she was doing housework or sewing. We had this old school Sony sound system complete with speakers, turntable and a reel to reel. It was my dad’s. I would play his Elvis reels sometimes. I think there was also an 8-track player. I’m totally showing my age, huh? My mom had a lot of Filipino records that we would listen to and other artists, of course. She had a decent collection of Hawaiian artists like Cecelio & Kapono and Kalapana too. Oh and Melveen Leed! I remember simply just loving to listen to music AND I absolutely loved singing everything I listened to. I don’t speak a lick of Filipino, but there are a few songs that I can wail and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Haha! My mom would sing to me sometimes when I was feeling sick or sad, too, so music and my love for it probably started before I was born because I’m pretty sure my mom sang to me when I was in the womb too. It feels like I was born with the love of music already hard-wired inside of me…as me.

Who or what influenced you or influences you musically?

Besides my awesome mama…the other #1 Filipino influence on me musically was my music teacher in elementary school. Her name is Loretta Balicanta…or Mrs. Balicanta to us kids. She introduced me to singing in a group/choir AND to the ukulele! I may be a little biased but she is THE BEST music teacher EVER!!

From the first grade on, my love for music and singing went from warm and fuzzy embers to Shaaaazzaaaaaaam! Oh…I will never forget the Christmas show we did in the third grade. We were ending the night with “Oh Holy Night” and then Mrs. Balicanta sang that one part…”Oh night…diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiine” in a beautiful soprano descant… OMG… I started crying so hard I could barely breathe. I had never felt music move me like that before in my whole 7 years of living. I have not been the same since. Thank you, Mrs. Balicanta.

What do you like or love about being in POL?

One of the many things I like about POL is our diversity. Everyone in this group is so different but not so different. We come from different musical backgrounds and have different singing styles. You have Heather and Theresa with the more formal, opera, Broadway & musicals upbringing with a strong foundation in LDS music and a twang of country since they are from Texas. Then you have Cerise who was brought up with a touch of LDS but more Pentecostal, gospel and soulful music styling. Then you have Vicky with her Sweet Adelaide (lady barber shop singing), Disney character singing voice mixed with her love of Broadway and musicals. Then there is me… bwuah haha! I have no training except for what Mrs. Balicanta taught me from first to sixth grade. I don’t know what my style is….I know I’m different…. and I know you’re thinking, “that is very evident.”

BAM!! All of that and we come together and create something that feels so beautiful to me. If you notice during a performance, we are always looking at each other when we are singing. And yes, sometimes it’s because we forgot the words….but mostly it is because we are feeding off of each other’s energies, calmness, confidence, strength and so much yummy more, during the performance… it is quite surreal and simply ahhmazing.

Another awesome thing is that we each can just be ourselves together with no judgment. And NO they don’t “allow” me to be disruptive and goofy the WHOLE time (that’s what choir rehearsal is for j/k)….maybe for a little bit but then they have to reeeeeeeeel me back in…

There’s not one person or any number or group of persons fighting to be heard, fighting for the limelight, fighting to sing all the leads. We decide whose voice is best for which parts of each song together. We speak up when we are not comfortable with a part and then someone else will take it or the group helps the one work on the part to feel more comfy with it. Things like that. We are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and we ARE human and we each have our grumpy-butt moments (I resemble that often) but we just love on it and move forward.

I could say more but then I would need my own website called, “Why Point of Light is so NIFTY”. Mahalo for indulging me.