Singer’s anxiety

It never fails. Before any performance, especially when we are singing at a new venue, my nerves go into overdrive. I feel restless, my heart beats a little faster, and I can’t help but wake up every few hours or so. It is 4:00 in the morning and I can feel the butterflies really turning […]


Aloha Vicky, I am so grateful to have known you since we were six years old.  How many years is that now?  Ummm….OMG…35 years now.  Wow…time flies.  It’s been a great ride and I’m glad we got to share a lot of it. What a story, huh, we are now in a singing group and […]

Initial Post for POL New Blogs

Aloha! Still working on all aspects of the website.  Hoping everyone is liking the overhaul. MAHALO NUI LOA to Rose Duncan of Rose Duncan Design who has been the HUGEST help in re-vamping and setting up our new web presence!  Rose also designs our logos, business cards/postcards and our CD cover art! Check out Rose’s […]